Wednesday, August 11, 2004

more meditation

I wrote about nadabrahma meditation a while back. Since then, I've taken 3 more different styles of meditation, 'kundalini', 'breath energy' and 'chakrasra'. They are all very unique and guided by music. I've learned that all of them are part of Osho meditation techniques. I've never heard of Osho before coming to Mysore and when I first heard it from Heather, who's been to the Osho meditation center in Pune, India, I thought of it as just another meditation retreat/ashram kind of thing, and didn't realize how big of a following the center attracts. Also, as "Osho" in Japanese happen to mean Buddist monk, so I mistankenly thought it is some sort of Buddhist medtation center.

Anyway, all styles of Osho meditation have had such powerful effects on me, and so I became really interested in finding out more about it. Turns out there is a Osho meditation center in Mysore, so I went and bought a bunch of books and CDs. I've started reading "The Inner Journey", which was recommended to me by the guy at the center. He said it's the first book I should read amongst wide selection of Osho books. I was afraid it would be didactic, as books in spiritual genre often tend to be, but this is very accessible reading. And the things he says aren't outrageous or weired or over the top. It's all the things I've heard before, or I've thought of, or things I don't have trouble following.

Other books I bought:
- "India my love" - beautiful book w/ lots of pictures.
- Meditation Guide book, I can't remember the title, but I think it's called, "First and Last Meditation Guide". This should be a good one as it describe how to do all (or most) of Osho meditation (there are 20-30 meditation techniques guided by music, and more than 100 silent meditation techniques)
- "Yoga Sutra" - enough said
- "The Mustard Seeds" - I'm very excited about this book. I was told it's one of the new books, and the cover says it talks about gnostic teachings of the mystic Jesus. Should be very interesting.

I love how each meditation gives me totally different experience. After Kundalini, I was stoned (though I've never been stoned, I suspect that what I felt must be pretty close to what it's like to be stoned). Everything was sooo still and vivid. I've had to walk slowly and sit and drink some water while admiring the sharp outlines and colors of coconut leaves. After breath eneryg meditation, which really is like an emotional cleansing meditation, I felt wiped out, but in a good way. In this meditation, your body becomes totally numb as you get hyperventilated with excess oxygen. Your hands clench and no matter how hard you try, you can't unclench the fingers. Very very intense. Some people cry, some people get violent, and I, for some reason kept laughing like a child even though nothing was funny. I asked the teacher afterwards, why I laughed, and his answer: 'it was there inside you and was meant to come out'. Well, I find many things amusing and often I have to try not to laugh so as to be polite, but still, I wonder why. Or maybe, is it the opposite, that I'm not laughing as much as I should and my desire to laugh came out? And finally, chakrasra meditation, is such beautiful peaceful experience.

Anyway, I am still the same person, and it's not like these meditation completely transform you. But it's very interesting to learn and find out what's inside of me and work with my energy. It's as if something intangible becomes super visible and my senses are being awaken by it.


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